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Raquel Welch strips off in SAUCY unearthed scene – Racy pics from film role in Bedazzled | Films | Entertainment

Raquel Welch proved genius casting as Lust in Peter Cook’s 1967 comedy Bedazzled, which is based on the Faust legend. She starred opposite Cook, who played the Devil, and Dudley Moore as the miserable Stanley Moon, despairing at his life as a cook in a Wimpy’s and infatuated with one of the waitresses but unable to summon the courage to ask her out. 

Raquel plays one of the seven deadly sins who act as the Devil’s henchpeople.

The Devil, who has been incarnated as George Spiggott, has made a bet with God which says if he is able to collect 100 billion souls before God can, he will be allowed back in to Heaven.

Thus, he appears to Stanley and offers him seven wishes in exchange for his soul, a tricky deal which then sees him mess with the hapless protagonist by twisting or taking his wishes literally.

In one scene, Stanley is visited in his bedroom by the stunning Raquel, playing Lillian Lust.


Arriving carrying a tray of food, wearing a pink button-up minidress, she comments on how warm it is and asks him to help with her buttons.

When he finally manages to unbutton the dress, she tells the him she “finds clothes so restricting” and adds: “We must allow our pores to breathe.”

She proceeds to tease and tempt Stanley, pushing his face into her cleavage and asking is he can hear her “pores breathe”.

Offering him food from the tray, she hops into bed with him and goes on to rub honey onto his lips.

In the eye-popping scene, Raquel can be seen wearing nothing but a sequin-spangled bikini as she dances on a tabletop.

Showing off her incredible figure, the actress sways her hips and flaunts her ample assets in the minuscule costume.

According to Fox’s records, Bedazzled made $2,825,000 — a comfortable profit.

It got mixed reviews, however, but has an 82 per cent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

In 2000, Bedazzled was remade starring Brendan Fraser as the protagonist and Elizabeth Hurley as the Devil.

Raquel first made a splash on the acting scene when she appeared in 1966’s Fantastic Voyage.

She later starred in One Million Years B.C. and Hannie Caulder.

She established herself as one of Hollywood’s greatest pin-ups and, in recent years, appeared in How to Be a Latin Lover and Date My Dad.

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