Revealed: How Prince William and Kate used decoys to keep early relationship a secret | Royal | News

When the pair began dating at the University of St Andrews they came up with numerous decoy’s to throw paparazzi off. The young couple were determined to make it look like they were only friends in their second year of studies when they decided to move in together with other friends.

Speaking to Vanity Fair Royal biographer Katie Nicholl revealed: “Their bedrooms were on separate landings, but by this stage, it was nothing more than pretense.

“William and Kate had fallen in love and were enjoying a conventional university romance, albeit one involving elaborate cover-ups and decoys.

“In a bid to keep their relationship below the radar for as long as possible, they would leave the house at different times and arrive at dinner parties separately, and made a pact never to hold hands in public, added the author.

The truth about their relationship only came to light in 2004 when they were spotted by a photographer kissing openly on a ski trip.

Up until this point, the smitten couple had tried their utmost to keep their love a secret.

It began when William shocked royal courtiers by announcing in 2001 that he would be attending the University of St Andrews when it was royal tradition to attend Oxford or Cambridge.

William and Kate lived in the same dormitory during this time and quickly got to know each other.

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However being so young and living together put pressure on the couple’s relationship, and claustrophobia began to kick in.

William’s wild side began to show after he went on a trip to Greece with friends and didn’t invite Kate.

Later on, he visited American heiress Anna Sloan, which proved too much for the relationship to cope with and the pair split for the first time.

After time apart William realised that Kate was his true love, and was determined to win her back.

However, Kate would only accept William back in her life again, on the condition that he would no longer be in contact with former love interest Isabella Anstruther Gough Calthorpe, according to royal author Katie Nicholl.

For a time their relationship seemed to be going smoothly, however, in late 2006 William chose not to spend Christmas with Kate’s family which cause friction once more for the pair.

After both attending university together, William had been serving in the military for a while and it meant being stationed a fair distance apart from Kate.

They then broke up for a second time in 2007, before reconciling only a few months later, and the couple has been happily together ever since.

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