Published On: Sat, Jun 6th, 2020

Rock n roll quiz questions and answers: Test your knowledge – can YOU beat the quiz? | Music | Entertainment

8. In what year were The Beatles formed?

9. What was the name of Elvis Presley’s first single after he left Sun Records and moved to RCA Victor in January 1956?

10. Be-Bop Baby is the 1957 single and debut from which rock ‘n’ roll star, who died in a plane crash less than 30 years later?

11. Paul McCartney once claimed if one particular rock ‘n’ roll star didn’t exist, ‘there would be no Beatles.’ Who is that singer?

12. Which two types of rock ‘n’ roll music became famous throughout the 1950s, before it declined in the 1960s?

13. In what year did Elvis Presley die?

14. What was the name of Johnny Cash’s rockabilly backing band?

15. For what reason did rock ‘n’ roll singer Little Richard retire from music in 1957, only to return five years later?

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