Published On: Sun, Nov 28th, 2021

Royal Family: Kate has ‘swan approach’ to parenting and is ‘united’ with William

Body language expert Judi James has shared her professional analysis on Kate Middleton and Prince William’s parenting techniques. Judi claimed Kate’s method of parenting is “swan” like – she is protective of her children but still wants them to develop independence.

Judi went on to explain that Kate’s parenting skills are comprised of four techniques: prioritising, stepping back, fun, and unity.

The first technique, prioritising, shows that Kate gives her “full attention” to her children when she is with them.

“She holds them close to her face to talk and uses non-verbal tie-signs, bending right down to their height,” Judi said.

“This eye-attention and proximity should create feelings of self-confidence in her children as well as creating strong bonds of empathy.

“Kate leaned or stepped in toward her son to have small chats and she was there with a cuddle of celebration when England scored or a small touch of sympathy when they lost, but it was a very fuss-free performance that might have taken more resolve that she appeared to show.”

The Duchess of Cambridge knows how to have fun with her children too, according to Judi.

The body language expert said: “Kate seems to combine her parent/child role with some moments when it looks more like child/child.

“Like when Kate joins in the play and the fun with a sense of spontaneity and enthusiasm, she reflects the state of her children more than that of an adult.

“Louis will make her laugh out loud and she will play with the other children like one of their gang.”

Although Kate and William come from different family backgrounds and their personal parenting styles are also different to one another, they make a good team.

Judi noted: “Their synchronicity signals are strong, making them appear united as parents, happily taking it in turns to hold hands or offer cuddles or play and happy with a well-balanced, like-minded approach.

“With other royal parenting there has often been an amount of role-playing, with one doing the cuddles and play while the other is in charge of the training or more formal stuff.”

The body language expert added: “Kate and William’s complimentary, role-sharing balance means all the children seem to use either or both parents in the same way.”

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