Published On: Fri, Jun 5th, 2020

Royal Family news: Queen Elizabeth II tops high achievers ranking of royals worldwide

The British Royal Family might make the most headlines in the UK, but how do they compare to royals around the globe? New data has revealed how the likes of the Queen, Prince William, Prince Harry, the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex rank in terms of their achievements and following. The tool also reveals how the famous family compares to their royal counterparts in other countries. 


The tool also compared the castle sizes of the royal residents, with Monaco’s Sovereign Prince Albert II winning first place with his 1,970,000 metre-squared abode. 

In fact, 15 royals from around the world were found to have much bigger homes than the British Queen. 

The UK’s famous royals were also lower down the rankings for their net worth, with the Queen and Prince Charles being the richest in England – but far behind Thailand’s King Vajiralongkorn. 

With a PHD in law and only a three-year reign, Thailand’s King is the richest royal in the world with a net worth of $30,000,000,000. 

Among the British royals, Prince William ranked second overall, with a net worth of $40,000,000 as well as 1,900,000 followers. 

The Duke of Cambridge also boasts seven years of military service as well as a BA degree in geography. 

His Kensington Palace home with Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton also factored in the figures, measuring 121,000 metre squared.

However, Prince William’s father, Prince Charles, ranked the highest for time in the military with 18 years of service. 

His second son Prince Harry was second, with ten years working in the military – three years more than his older brother. 

But while the Duke of Sussex may have spent more time working in the army, rising to the rank of Captain, his academic achievements weren’t quite so high. 

The Prince only went as far as his A levels at Eton, achieving a grade B in art and D in geography.

The data revealed that Prince Harry also has a much lower net worth compared to his brother and sister in law, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. 

While Prince William and Kate have a net worth of around $40,000,000, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have a more modest $25,000,000. 

The lowest ranking royal in the British royal family was Meghan Markle, with a score of 272.44. 

The Duchess was behind Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, possibly due to her lack of social following as the royal recently ditched the social media account as she moved to LA with Prince Harry. 

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