Published On: Wed, Apr 29th, 2020

Russia news: Russia rips into West for blaming China for coronavirus | World | News

Sergey Lavrov expressed his displeasure with western nations’ skepticism of China’s role in the outbreaks origins.

The country’s Foreign Minister told Russian news agency TASS: “I’d primarily would like to say that we are saddened by the rhetoric and attempts to point figure at one side or another.

“You mentioned that the US is accusing China.

“Europe is also voicing its accusations against China.”

Mr Lavrov also decried leaders demanding compensation from China for the pandemic.

He said: “US President Donald Trump recently addressed this issue during one of his briefings and said that the US might put forward similar claims but demanding much bigger amounts than hundreds of billions of dollars.”

“We see it all.

“This is all very sad, of course.”

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Coronavirus was first reported in Wuhan, China, back in January, and has resulted in many countries going into lockdown in an attempt to control the deadly pandemic.

China has been under fire from world leaders for its lack of transparency over the coronavirus pandemic.

Wuhan, China, is understood to be the origin point for the outbreak, with China repointing cases there as early as December 31 2019.

Worldwide cases of the virus have reached at least 3,131,659 as of Wednesday evening.

The total death toll worldwide has reached 217,203, and has caused severe economic disruption across the globe.

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Russia has confirmed at least 93,558 cases of COVID-19, with 867 reported deaths.

But countries including the UK, Australia and the United States have started to discuss whether China owes them reparations over the outbreak.

US President Donald Trump suggested that China compensate the U.S., and possibly other countries, for coronavirus damages.

Politicans have also started pushing for sending the bill to China as well while the US continues to slip into an economic depression.

The US has also seen record-high unemployment levels, with over 26 million people filing for benefits in five weeks and a staggering market loss over the past two months.

Mr Lavrov stressed that Russia is prioritising beating the pandemic.

He said: “Later, we will definitely need to investigate reasons it emerged at least to understands how to create a reliable antidote for the future.

“There are forecasts of scientists that this very coronavirus might come back and it will be with us permanently like flu and a number of other seasonal diseases.

“Therefore, we will definitely need to study the reasons.”

He emphasised that the investigations would not be to politicise the outbreak, but to get a clear understanding of how the virus is transmitted.

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