Published On: Fri, Apr 3rd, 2020

Russia ramps up its military might with new nuclear powered submarine | World | News

The new ship will be the first Borei-A class nuclear submarine to enter service with the Navy, and signals a shift in gear in the country’s military powers. The submarine has been christened the Knyaz Vladimir, named after Vladimir the Great. The Borei is a 4th generation ballistic missile submarine.

It carries up to 16 intercontinental ballistic missiles, with a flight range of up to 5,600 miles.

United Shipbuilding Corporation president, Alexey Rakhmanov, expressed his pleasure that the ship was ready for use.

He said: “The vessel is on the water.

“All of the Defence Ministry’s notes have been taken into account and addressed, the ship is ready for the transfer to the Navy.

“I hope that it will be held this month, April.”

The Knyaz Vladimir, previously known as Project 955A was expected to have been laid down in 2010.

However, a dispute between the Ministry of Defence and the United Shipbuilding Coroporation pushed the development back until 2012.

The submarine will serve as part of a fleet of 10 planned ships.

These include the already existing Yury Dolgorukiy and the Alexander Nevsky.

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It is hoped the ships will replace the older Delta-class submarines first commissioned in the Soviet era.

The Typhoon class of ships also built by the Russians, are also expected to be replaced.

The submarine conducted its first successful launch of a missile back in October.

This test was carried out whilst the submarine was in a submerged position in the White Sea.

Whilst the Russian Navy took a severe hit after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, it is believed the country is experiencing a renaissance in development.

Sergei Shoygu, the minister of defence for Russia, said in 2014 that naval capabilities would be significantly boosted.

Mr Shoygu added that this was a response to NATO deployments in eastern Europe.

Recently, Russian president Vladimir Putin flexed his military might by deploying three Black Sea frigates to intercontinental waters.

The frigates were present to destroy a notional ‘enemy’ vessel as part of a naval drill, which saw the Navy notionally drop torpedo weapons and rocket-propelled bombs.

A statement from the Fleet’s press office read: “The Black Sea Fleet’s surface action group comprising the frigates Admiral Grigorovich, Admiral Makarov and Admiral Essen held drills in the Mediterranean Sea to search for and destroy a notional enemy’s submarine.

“The frigates’ crews are currently accomplishing missions as part of the Navy’s permanent taskforce in the distant maritime zone.

“As a result of joint operations by the crews of the frigates and the helicopter, the chase of the submarine ended with its notional destruction.”

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