Santander warns online banking users to never reveal this information to reduce scam risk | Personal Finance | Finance

Among the tips are warnings about some behaviours which online bankers are urged to never do – such as enter online banking details after clicking on an email or text message, as it may be that this is a phishing or smishing attempt.

Another thing customers should never do is reveal some personal information passwords – and this includes sharing the One Time Passcode (OTP) which they will be given.

No shortcuts

“Don’t be lulled into entering your online banking details after clicking a link in an email or text message,” he said.

“If you’re logging in to online banking, type the full address into your web browser.”

Keep it a secret

“Never share your One Time Passcode (OTP) with anyone, not even Santander staff,” Mr Ainsley said.

Sharing isn’t always caring

While remembering a plethora of passwords can be tricky, the Head of Fraud Strategy at Santander UK warned against doing this when it comes to digital banking.

“Keep your login details safe at all times,” he said. “Avoid writing them down and don’t share them with anyone.”

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