Published On: Fri, May 1st, 2020

Scam warning: This sign could mean you’re being scammed in coronavirus crisis | Personal Finance | Finance

Speaking exclusively to, he said: “Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 there has been a 400 percent upswing in online scams geared at stealing people’s Personally Identifiable Information and financial details.

“A massive increase in fake websites and phishing portals are causing citizens to have their data stolen at higher rates than ever before, and citizens need to be extremely wary in order to avoid being victimized.

“A surge in fake websites (our research alone has uncovered over 80,000 new malicious Covid-19 domains) purporting to stock important personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers, is leading to greater levels of card theft – with some victims being fleeced of the little money they have left in their accounts.

“Scam SMS messages, emails, robocalls, and number spoofing attacks are all being used to phish consumers of their valuable data – with a view to either steal from them directly – or to sell that information on the Dark Web.

“For those who are affected, the potential exists for the stolen data to be used for the purposes of identity theft – which could potentially affect them long into the future.”

Mr Walsh also suggested that there may well be a signal of a potential scam.

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