Published On: Wed, May 27th, 2020

Social distancing brings out the worst in us, says Fiona Phillips

The former GMTV host, who suffered from coronavirus in March, said: “We’re seeing the very best in human nature, but also the worst. I’m social distancing but some people make a real thing out of it – all holier than thou, tutting and barking ‘two metres’ if you’re both crossing a narrow bridge. And as for those selfish people [stockpiling] at the start of the supermarkets? That was depressing.”

Fiona, 59, who has fully recovered from the virus, spoke to Best magazine as a separate poll revealed many Britons have become more neighbourly since the lockdown started.

Almost one in five adults – 17 percent – say they have spoken to their next-door neighbour for the first time.

In London, 16 percent admitted that the Clap for Carers event was the first time they had even seen the people who live next door.

Nationally, nearly a quarter – 23 percent – of those quizzed say they are helping the elderly and vulnerable in their neighbourhood with essential shopping.

And just over half – 53 percent – want to make more of an effort to get involved in their community once the lockdown is lifted.

Respect for key workers has soared, too, with six in ten people having more admiration for NHS staff, supermarket employees and delivery drivers.

The poll of 2,000 people was carried out for property development firm Get Living.

Spokesman Ian Gibbs said: “This shows the power of community at its best.

“People are pulling together during this uncertain time and looking out for neighbours.We’d love to see this community spirit continue.”

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