Sophie, Countess of Wessex shock: Prince Edward’s wife used style to appear more royal

Sophie, Countess of Wessex joined the Royal Family after her wedding to Prince Edward in 1999. She soon took on the responsibilities of a full-time royal and has made many appearances on behalf of the Queen. A style expert revealed how she has made herself look more royal.

It is thought Sophie has a close relationship with the Queen and has taken on more duties in the Royal Family recently.

When doing so, she may have made some changes to ensure she looks the part.

The mother-of-two might have done this by updating her fashion, stylist Melita Latham told

She said: “Sophie’s style while on royal duty hasn’t changed much over the years.


“Today, you can still be transported back in style time with Sophie, whether it be with the shoes from the seventies or out of the blue jumpsuit from the nineties.

“However, while classically dressed before, more recently Sophie has chosen the path of dressing as the establishment.

“Her dresses, or rather gowns, are probably more suited to the monarch rather than the catwalk.”

Although Sophie will regularly opt for timeless pieces, she has made subtle changes to create a more royal look.

While she is happy to stand out with bold colours, she will regularly wear a style suitable for the establishment.

Melita continued: “Although Sophie doesn’t shy away from the colourful she does quite often play it safe with the same style and length.”

By doing this, Sophie seems to have taken inspiration from the Queen who will often wear bold colours while sticking to royal style rules.

Sophie joined the Royal Family more than 20 years ago when she married Prince Edward. 

The couple have since had two children together, Lady Louise Windsor, 16, and James, Viscount Severn, 12. 

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