Sophie Wessex news: ‘Powerhouse Countess’ had popularity boost since Meghan Markle quit UK

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, 55, is known as the Royal Family’s “secret weapon” for her quiet yet effective approach to royal duty. On Thursday the Royal Family’s Twitter account shared a new clip of Sophie baking scones for charity. According to a body language expert who analysed the video the Countess has become “a popular if previously unlikely powerhouse of the royal firm over the past year.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s decision to quit the monarchy at the start of the year created something of a power vacuum.

However, since their departure in March other working royals including the Queen’s youngest son Prince Edward, 56, and his wife Sophie, Countess of Wessex have stepped up to fill the gap.

Sophie’s unpretentious yet charming manner has made her a huge hit with royal fans over the past year.

Yesterday, the Royal Family’s official account tweeted a short video of the Countess, who is the patron of Girl Guiding, baking for the BBC’s Children in need.

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The tweet read: “The Countess of Wessex has shown her support to @Girlguiding and @BBCCiN and completed her own #ActYourAge challenge.

“HRH, President @Girlguiding, put on her apron to earn a Pudsey badge and baked 55 cheese & bacon scones earlier this week!”

Body language expert and author Judi James analysed the clip for and shared her findings.

According to the analyst, Sophie’s “practical and sensible” ways have warranted more praise in the wake of Meghan Markle’s departure.

The expert said: “If Meghan was the modern royal who brought the option of change, Sophie is very much the continuity candidate.”

Judi claims fans are “appreciating” Sophie more now Meghan is in the USA.

She said: “With Meghan in the US though, fans are re-discovering Sophie and appreciating what feels like her ‘healing’ presence in the royal line-up.”

According to Judi, Sophie’s displays a modest approach in the video which isn’t at risk of rubbing fans up the wrong way.

She said: “Baking scones for the Guides here, Sophie projects a brusque but also jolly tone with no show-boating or over-performing to camera.

“By putting her camera low it feels almost like watching a parent baking in the kitchen as a small child and the way Sophie gets stuck in like Mary Berry lets us know those scones are going to turn out to be yummy.

“There’s even an air of Mary Poppins about the way Sophie tells us ‘These scones are not going to make themselves!’ with an air of breezy determination.”

Judi claimed Sophie’s hand gestures signify “unity” as well as “determination.”

The analyst said: “Sophie’s hand gestures at the end involve a meshing of the fingers to signal a desire for unity before her hands curl into fists that punch in against one another to show a sense of determination and motivation.

“Her thumbs also curl upward, showing she’s more than comfortable and happy in front of the camera.”

Judi claimed Sophie is “deceptively good” on camera and has a very natural ease.

Judi added: “Sophie’s camera skills are deceptively good.

“She speaks to it in a very personal way, as though chatting direct to a friend or a watching child, and she even manages to achieve the impossible by sustaining her smile with the minimal of droop at the end as she leans to turn the camera off.”

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