State pension age: You may be able to get extra £90 each week via Attendance Allowance | Personal Finance | Finance

The state pension can make up a significant part of regular income for those who are able to receive it. Those who have reached this age may also be able to claim an extra payment in order to help with day to day life.

The lower rate of Attendance Allowance is currently £59.70.

To get this rate, the government defines the level of help needed being: “Frequent help or constant supervision during the day, or supervision at night.”

Meanwhile, those who need “help or supervision throughout both day and night”, or who are terminally ill, can get the higher rate.

This higher rate is currently £89.15.


It may also be the case that Attendance Allowance recipients are able to get extra Pension Credit, Housing Benefit, or Council Tax Reduction.

Unlike some government payments, Attendance Allowance is not means-tested.

This means that what a person earns or what they have in savings will not affect what they are able to get.

If a person lives in a care home and their care is paid for by the local authority, then they usually cannot get Attendance Allowance.

There are some exceptions to the conditions if a person is living in a European Economic Area (EEA) country or Switzerland.

If a person is terminally ill and not expected to live for more than six months, there are ‘special rules’.

These mean that there’s no qualifying period for how long a person has had the illness.

And, if they’re eligible for the payment, they will automatically get the higher rate.

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