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State pensions pay out a monthly income which is dependent on the claimant’s national insurance record. So long as a claimant has a minimum of 35 years of contributions, they could receive payments of over £9,000 a year.

As the state revealed in an announcement made today: “Starting 6 May 2020 we introduced an online claim option to support existing methods of applying for Pension Credit by telephone or post.

“This means that a person can claim the benefit without having to leave their home and at a time of their choosing, helping them adhere to social distancing and shielding measures.

“It will also mean not having to wait to get through on the phone, at a time when phone lines may be particularly busy.

“Existing methods of claiming Pension Credit, by phone or on paper, will both remain available to claimants.

It should be noted that is a person is receiving pension credit they may be required to report certain changes in circumstance to the state.

This is because the amount of pension credit they receive could change if the claimant’s income or capital levels increase or decrease.

A claim can be stopped entirely if a claimant does not report a change in circumstances quick enough and the government has a list of examples of what needs to be reported:

  • starting or stopping work
  • going into hospital or a care home
  • people moving in or out of the home
  • moving house
  • changing name
  • switching bank accounts
  • changes to a Post Office card account
  • leaving England, Scotland and Wales for over four weeks
  • starting or stopping looking after a child or young person under the age of 20.

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