The Difference Between a Buying Keyword and A Browsing Keyword and Why It Matters

When you are trying to promote products online in the hopes of them selling in you getting a commission knowing the difference between a sales keyword browsing keyword is very important. Here’s why:

When you are creating a website or a group of webpages that all have one main purpose you will be focusing on certain keywords. You want to know exactly what people are searching for before you start creating pages. This is what I mean by a keyword. A keyword or a keyword phrase is what people type into the search engine when they are looking for something.

You, as an affiliate, want to attract people who are at the end of their buying cycle. You will get the most sales and commissions if the keywords that you are focusing on in your site are keywords that people who already have their wallet out are searching for.

Let’s take a very specific example. Let’s talk about digital cameras.  Someone who types in Google “digital camera review” may seem like they are ready to buy, but in fact they probably are nowhere near buying a camera today. That is a very broad keyword and the person has not even picked out which two or three digital cameras they may be considering.  They are just toying with the idea of buying a camera at this point. Digital camera review is a browsing keyword.

Someone who types in “cheapest digital camera” is probably closer to buying a camera than the person in the previous example. This person knows what is important to them. Price. And that’s it. Cheapest digital camera is a buying keyword, but we can do better.

Someone who types in “cheapest Canon powershot” literally has their credit card in hand and is ready to buy if they can find a price that they think is cheaper than anything else they can find on or off-line.

The difference between a buying and a browsing keyword is extremely important when you want to sell things. Browsing keywords can still serve a purpose and can still be very valuable. If you are trying to attract people to sign up for an e-mail list that you are maintaining or if you are wanting to prove yourself to be an expert in your field or if you are looking for an opportunity to create some linkbait then browsing keywords are wonderful for these things.

If however, you are creating a page that has the purpose of showing someone where to go to make their purchase so that you can get a commission then buying keywords are imperative.

You can occasionally and accidentally make sales on pages with browsing keywords. You can consistently and frequently make sales from pages with buying keywords. I like to consistently and frequently make sales.

Knowing the difference between a browsing keyword and a buying keyword can be the difference between $100 a month site and $1000 a month site.


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