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Today is Good Friday when Christians around the world celebrate Jesus Christ’s death on the Cross. The bloody scenes from The Bible’s gospel accounts were adapted in 2004 for Mel Gibson’s biblical epic, The Passion of the Christ. Now in a new interview, Jesus star Jim Caviezel has opened up on a painful set injury that made the final cut of the movie.

Speaking with Fox News, the Jesus actor revealed the mistake happened while shooting carrying the cross through Jerusalem.

But when he fell he actually injured himself in real life and it was captured in the movie’s final cut.

Caviezel revealed: “As I went down, the cross… it actually struck my head and buried my head in the sand and I bit through my tongue.

“Now, in the tape, you’ll see streams of blood coming down from my lip. That’s actually my own blood.”

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The Jesus star had also hurt his shoulder but still managed to act in the scene with Virgin Mary actress Maia Morgenstern.

Caviezel explained how at the time his shoulder was out and he was trying all he could to get his arm over the wooden cross.

He added: “And it looks like it’s the most extraordinary take because it looks like I’m cherishing our cross, which is our faith, and hugging it but in the most beautiful way.

“It wasn’t beautiful to me because it hurt like hell. .. my AC joint had been torn.”

For a number of years, The Passion of the Christ was the UK’s highest-grossing foreign-language movie.

After all, the Mel Gibson movie is shot entirely in Hebrew, Latin and reconstructed Aramaic.

At its 2004 release, the biblical epic took £11.1 million at the UK box office, but that’s now been topped by Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite.

The Oscar winner was the first foreign-language movie to ever win the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Meanwhile, Gibson and Caviezel have Passion of the Christ 2 in the works.

The movie will focus on Jesus’ resurrection, which was briefly teased at the conclusion of the first movie.

In 2018, Caviezel teased to USA Today: “There are things that I cannot say that will shock the audience. It’s great. Stay tuned.”

The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection’s release date is TBC.

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