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Sir Tom Jones and Elvis Presley had an adorable friendship during Elvis’ last years. The King loved to listen to Sir Tom sing, with the Welsh singer even saying Elvis would stay on in Las Vegas to listen. But in what way are the pair “the same,” according to Sir Tom himself?

He told The Sun in 2017: “I did a song on my last album called Elvis Presley Blues and she liked it because she said it was a beautiful tribute to Elvis and she enjoyed it.

“Musically, that’s about as much as we talk about. But she’s been a friend of mine since 1968 when I first met her with Elvis.

“We were friends and Elvis passed away of course. But you know, we’ve kept in touch.

“We’ve been in each other’s lives for years and she is one of a bunch of people that I know in Los Angeles and we do hang out.”

However, the pair having albeit different relationships with Priscilla is not all they had in common, as Sir Tom has said there was an important aspect of their life which made them similar.

In an interview with The Big Issue, Sir Tom said: “If I met the 16-year-old Tom Woodward, I’d like him very much. Because my values haven’t changed.

“Even my taste in music hasn’t changed. Great Balls of Fire excites me as much now as ever. Rock Around the Clock – that influence fed me so much, got my blood pumping.

“Then I heard Elvis Presley and I thought, my God, I can sing like that! We have exactly the same range.”

Apparently, according to Sir Rom, the pair sound very similar, and in an interview with Conan O’Brien, Sir Tom even said Elvis would suggest songs to him which Elvis believed would sound great with Sir Tom’s voice.

Speaking further about his Elvis influences, Sir Tom said in an interview with “I went to Paramount Studios [in 1965] to talk about recording a song for a movie and someone told me that Elvis was filming on the neighbouring sound stage and wanted to say hello.

“I thought to myself, ‘Oh, my God! Surely Elvis Presley doesn’t know who I am’. But I walked on the set, where he was sitting in a helicopter, and he sort of waved in my direction.

“I couldn’t believe he was waving at me, but I waved back, just in case. Then he came over and said he knew every track on my album and he sang one of my songs, With These Hands, all the way through.

“He said to me, ‘How the hell do you sing like you do?’ And I said, ‘Well, you are to blame, because I listened to all your records in the 1950s.’”

Clearly their voices were similar all because Sir Tom was so inspired by Elvis, even to the extend that he included a song about The King on his album, as he discussed in The Sun.

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