Published On: Thu, Apr 9th, 2020

UK coronavirus death toll much higher than official figures Chris Whitty admits | UK | News

The Government’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Witty has admitted that he expects there to be a “significant rise in the total death rate” recorded for coronavirus in the UK next week. The expert was put on the spot during the daily briefing as the Office for National Statistics are set to release their data in the following days.


Mr Witty explained that although the daily death figures the Government uses come from the NHS, the ONS figures will take into account a much wider sample.

He said: “On the NHS figures versus the ONS figures, they measure different things.

“The reason the NHS figures are very useful for us is that we can get them very fast and are collected in the same way every time.

“ONS figures are much wider than that, they also include people who have sadly died where the doctor thinks coronavirus was involved even though there’s been no test.

“I would always expect those numbers to be higher.”

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