UK weather forecast: New chart shows 33C 7-DAY heatwave strike Britain – to hit in HOURS | Weather | News

The latest weather charts from Netweather show the mercury struggling to highs of just 20C in the southeast today, having hit the low 30s on Friday and Saturday. But the start of an August heatwave will become evident on Wednesday, with the UK waking up to surging temperatures of 24C as early as 9am in parts of the southeast. The weather chart from Netweather then quickly begins to turn red, and by 3pm, much of Britain, particularly the south, will bask in glorious sunshine and 25C heat.

But the mercury will continue to surge on Thursday, with highs of 30C in London and lows of just 26C in surrounding areas.

Temperatures will only dip slightly to 22C in the north of England and Wales, and highs of 21C in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

But a blistering near-all red weather map for Friday shows signs of being one of the hottest days of the year so far, with Britain set to repeat the sweltering heat from a week earlier.

London and the South East will bask in highs of 33C at 3pm, with lows of 28C in surrounding areas.

uk weather forecast

UK weather forecast: Britain will be blasted by a scorching week-long heatwave within hours (Image: NETWEATHER / GETTY)

uk weather forecast thursday

UK weather forecast: The map turns red on Thursday as temperatures surge (Image: NETWEATHER)

It will still be hot in the north of England and Wales at 24C, and slightly cooler in Scotland and Northern Ireland with highs of 21C.

Britain will continue to bask in scorching temperatures of 31C on Saturday, with the mercury hitting 24C in surrounding areas and feeling slightly cooler in the far north, Wales and Scotland at 19C.

Temperatures will begin to dip towards the end of the weekend, with highs of 25C on Sunday in the South East, becoming cooler in the Midlands, north of England, Wales and Northern Ireland at 19C.

The trend will continue into Monday, with highs of 25C in London and much of the south, but the mercury will dip in the Midland and Wales, falling to 19C and 17C respectively.

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uk weather forecast friday

UK weather forecast: Britain will bask in scorching heat of 33C (Image: NETWEATHER)

Temperatures in the far north of the country, as well as Scotland and Northern Ireland, will level off at highs of 18C.

But the latest Netweather chart for next Tuesday once again turns red, with the heatwave set to continue to grip the nation.

Temperatures could once again surge to as high as 31C on parts of the south coast, and 27C in surrounding areas, including London.

It will be significantly cooler throughout the rest of the country, but the mercury will still strike 20C in the Midlands and Wales, while temperatures in Scotland and Northern Ireland could peak at 18C.

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uk weather forecast saturday

UK weather forecast: The heatwave will continue into the weekend (Image: NETWEATHER)

uk weather forecast sunday

UK weather forecast: Temperatures will dip slightly on Sunday but still remain warm (Image: NETWEATHER)

The latest forecast from the Met Office warns of rain in northern and western areas for Wednesday, but low cloud will break throughout most of the country, staying “humid and very warm in parts of the southeast”.

Looking ahead to Thursday through to Saturday, the Met Office says: “Plenty of dry weather with sunny spells with the exception of some rain across Northern Ireland and Scotland on Friday.

“Turning warmer for many and very hot in the southeast.”

The Met Office says from Sunday until Tuesday, there will be a “gradual change in conditions” as the “very warm weather” will start to become less frequent throughout the UK.

uk weather forecast temperatures

UK weather forecast: Hottest temperatures on record (Image: EXPRESS)

But the forecaster adds it could still be “very warm” at the start of this period, with temperatures falling back to near average for this time of the year.

The forecast from the Met Office for this period says: “There should be a gradual change in conditions through this period as the warm or very warm weather will most likely be displaced east and southeastwards.

“It will be replaced by fresher, changeable conditions from the west.

“There should still be a good deal of fine and dry weather across the UK through the period.

uk weather forecast tuesday

UK weather forecast: The map turns red again next Tuesday as the heatwave makes a return (Image: NETWEATHER)

“However, there is a continued risk of heavy showers and thunderstorms in many areas, particularly across the south earlier on in the period.

“It will be widely warm or very warm at the start of the period, and it could be hot in the southeast at times.

“Towards the end of the period, temperatures will trend back to near the average for most areas, with the southeast possibly staying warm.”

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