Ukraine LIVE: ‘Crimea coming back’ Zelensky to pull rug from under Putin in new offensive | World | News

Volodymyr Zelensky has hinted that Ukraine may have had something to do with the attacks in Crimea.

In his nightly address the Ukrainian president thanked “all Ukrainians who help our Armed Forces” before hailing the strikes as a “significant advantage” and the “root cause of our future victory”.

He continued: “This is a people’s war of liberation, this is an all-Ukrainian struggle for freedom and independence for our country.

Ukraine is protected by millions in one way or another.

“Millions of people who fight at the front, who fight for their cities and villages, including in the occupation, who stopped the occupiers’ military equipment, who informed and inform our intelligence and special services, who oppose the occupiers in their rear, who ensure the necessary supplies for Ukraine and the work of all our state institutions and economy, who volunteer, who fight for our interests abroad, who fight in the information war.

“And we have to do – and will do – everything to preserve this nationwide foundation of defence.”

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