Published On: Fri, May 20th, 2022

Ukraine LIVE: Ireland labelled ‘collateral damage’ in horror Russian nuclear threat to UK | World | News

Vladimir Putin’s top security officials know the war in Ukraine is lost, and that a coup is now a realistic possibility, an expert has predicted.

Christo Grozez, a Bulgarian investigative journalist, believes GRU and FSB elites are the most likely to try and overthrow Putin, because they are aware of the truth on the ground.

He said that those elites are already attempting to send their families and money out of the country in preparation for Putin being toppled.

Mr Grozev said that one of the most likely things that could spark a coup is Putin ordering the use of nuclear weapons.

Speaking on Liberty Radio, he said: ‘If Putin decides to give an order to use nuclear weapons, he must be sure that everyone along the chain will carry out this order.

“If one does not comply, then this will be a signal of insubordination. And perhaps even the physical death of Putin.

“Until he is sure that everyone will comply, he will not give this order.”

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