Published On: Fri, May 13th, 2022

Ukraine LIVE: Putin backed into corner as mission wrecked – US orders immediate ceasefire | World | News

Vladimir Putin has reportedly sent General Rustam Muradov, known as an “experienced punisher”, to lead reluctant Russian troops into combat in Ukraine.

General Mustov, the Deputy Commander of the Southern Military District, steered a joint Russian force in Syria. According to Ukraine’s SBU security service, he has been tasked with restoring order to Putin’s units after troops caused an uproar over their hesitance to fight Ukrainian defenders.

A message from the SBU on Telegram on Thursday, May 12, read: “Russian occupiers are afraid to clash with Ukrainian defenders, so riots in the enemy army are becoming widespread.

“In order to somehow curb them, Moscow is sending ‘experienced punishers’ to Ukraine.”

In an intercept of a conversation between a Russian soldier and his father disclosed by the agency, the soldier was cited as saying: “Well, Muradov came and arranged a show trial because no one wanted to advance.

“The company commanders did not want to send their soldiers to their deaths.

“And the guys themselves were not ready.

“He [Muradov] theatrically punished the company commanders yesterday, stripped them, they emptied their pockets, he tied their hands behind their backs, loaded them into trucks and took them away.”

Disproportionately large losses among Russia’s military and evidently slow advances in the country’s invasion of Ukraine call into question whether Putin has considered reassessing his war ambitions.

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