Ukraine LIVE: Putin ‘fearing for his life’ as Zelensky’s advisor pledges new hammer blows | World | News

Russia has likely “very nearly exhausted its current stock” of Iranian cruise missiles, but will probably seek resupply, the UK Ministry of Defence has said. Putin’s military have been using the rockets since September to target Ukrainian energy infrastructure, leaving parts of the country in rolling blackouts.

In an intelligence update this morning, the MoD said Russian commanders were now likely wanting to use the missiles to target medical facilities. However, there have been no publicly reported cruise missile strikes since November 17, which suggested Russia was running out of its current stock.

The MoD said that the barrage was likely conceived of by Russian commanders to make up for a “severe” shortage of domestically-produced rockets, which it cannot manufacture as quickly as procuring them elsewhere. 

Despite the intense damage to Ukraine’s power grid the bombing campaign has inflicted, intelligence suggested that “the approach has had limited success” and that most “have been neutralised”.

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