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In the process he dealt a crushing blow to his rival Bernie Sanders, who had high hopes of capturing the delegate-rich state, after his strong showing in the 2016 primary. Democrats went to the polls in Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Michigan, Idaho and Washington on Tuesday to cast their votes for their preferred presidential candidate. A total of 352 delegates were up for grabs in the six states, with Michigan the biggest prize, given its 125 delegates.

In addition to winning Michigan, Mr Biden also claimed victories in Mississippi and Missouri, with results pending in the other states.

Addressing a gathering of supporters at an event in Philadelphia, the former Vice President seemed to imply that he considered the nominating contest to be all but over.

He told his audience: “Although there’s a way to go, it looks like we’re going to have another good night.”

Applauding Bernie Sanders’ supporters for their tireless energy and passion, he continued: “We’re going to bring this nation together.”

Joe Biden

Joe Biden (Image: GETTY)

Joe Biden

Joe Biden (Image: GETTY)

Sounding every inch like the presidential nominee, the former Delaware senator cautioned that another four years of Trump’s policies would be disastrous for the country.

Referring to the US President’s track record on foreign policy, Mr Biden said: “Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ policy made America alone.”

He added: “Our very democracy is at stake in this election.”

He called on the party to unite, saying, “there’s not a single thing we cannot do if we do it together.”

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Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders (Image: GETTY)

Mr Biden’s strong performance in Tuesday’s primaries continues a remarkable turn-around in fortunes for the former Vice President.

He had been in danger of seeing his campaign collapse after disastrous performances in the early primaries held in Iowa and New Hampshire.

However, he rallied strongly during last week’s Super Tuesday contests, winning 10 out of the 15 states on offer and at least 584 delegates.

Mr Biden surged to his victories on Tuesday on the back of strong support from a coalition of groups.

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Joe Biden

Joe Biden (Image: GETTY)

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders (Image: GETTY)

These included women, African Americans, those aged 45 and older and union members, according to exit polls conducted by Edison Research.

In Michigan, he captured many votes from union members and working-class white voters, two groups that had helped to propel Bernie Sanders to his famous victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Following his victory in Michigan, Mr Biden received a further boost to his campaign when former presidential candidate Andrew Yang endorsed him.

In an interview on CNN, the tech entrepreneur said: “The math says Joe is our prohibitive nominee.”

Mr Yang, who had supported Bernie Sanders in 2016, urged the party to come together now to defeat Donald Trump.

He said: “We need to bring the party together. We need to start working on defeating Donald Trump in the fall.”

Donald Trump

Donald Trump (Image: GETTY)

Guy Cecil, the chairman of Priorities USA, the largest Democratic super PAC, also referred to Mr Biden as the presumptive nominee.

He tweeted: “The math is now clear. Joe Biden is going to be the Democratic nominee for President and @prioritiesUSA is going to do everything we can to help him defeat Donald Trump in November. I hope others will join us in the fight.”

The Democrats will nominate a 2020 presidential candidate at their convention in Milwaukee the week of July 13, 2020.

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