Using Email Marketing to Make More Money

Many people rely solely on organic search engine traffic to operate their business. This is the easiest way in the beginning but it is definitely not the smartest. As soon as you can you should be looking into creating an e-mail list.

You want a list of people who are interested in the market that you are in. You want to send them great information periodically, like once a week so they don’t forget who you are and so they like and appreciate you.

Then, when you have something amazing to recommend to them many of them will buy it – and you did very little work. An e-mail list is an asset that can grow and evolve and make you a lot of money. I heard someone say recently that it only takes a list of 500 people to send you $8.36 a month and you will make $50,000 a year.

Obviously that is a simplified version of how an e-mail list really works, but it should open your eyes to the potential of e-mail marketing. A list of 500 people is very simple to get. $8.36 is nothing to most people. If you have a list of people who really want to know the information that you have and you create or recommend stellar products to them you have to make money – and no one can ever take your e-mail list away from you. Even Google.

So how do you start an e-mail marketing list? One way to do it is to create a product to give away in exchange for people signing up for your list. The product should be relevant to what your list will be about. For example, if you are promoting cameras, you might want to give away a short report that you have created or have had created for you that gives digital photography tips.

Anyone who signed up for this list will be interested in digital photography and perhaps will be interested in buying any other reports you create or will possibly be in the market to buy a new digital camera when you recommend one in one of your e-mail messages.

If you want to get started with an e-mail list a great way to do this is to sign up for some e-mail lists that already exist on the Internet. Find a website or a blogger that you want to follow and sign up for their e-mail marketing list.

Pay attention to their messages. How often do they send messages? What do their messages say? Do any of them make you want to buy anything? Do you think you want to do things the same way that they do them or do their methods turn you off and you want to do things completely different? No matter what you will learn something about what you want your list to be like.

Aweber is a trusted e-mail marketing service provider. They charge one dollar for your first month and then you will have to pay based on the number of subscribers that you have after that.

There are some free e-mail marketing service providers but normally they send out their own ads with your e-mail messages and sometimes they only free up to a certain amount of subscribers.

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