Vladimir Putin coronavirus cover-up:Arrested doctor grills Putin for ‘causing all of this’ | World | News

Anastasia Vasilyeva from the Alliance of Doctors union told Sky News that the Russian Government and Vladimir Putin were misleading the world on the impact coronavirus has had on the country. She claimed the Kremlin was not publishing the real number of deaths and those infected. She also noted that Russia would eventually have a higher death rate than other developed countries due to the poor handling of the crisis.

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Dr Vasilyeva spoke to Sky News two weeks ago insisting Vladimir Putin is and would be the cause of many deaths in Russia.

She said: “The medicine in Russia is terrible.

“We don’t have hospitals, we don’t have the staff, we don’t have a medical industry.

“Of course it’s not good for the Government to say we have coronavirus and these are the real number of deaths.

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“It will just prove the fact that they, the Government and President Putin, caused all this to happen.

“We’ll have a death toll a few times higher than in developed countries because medicine here is so bad.”

Dr Vasilyeva has long criticised the Russian Government for their handling on Coronavirus.

On Thursday night, she was arrested in the town of Okulovka during a trip she made to assess the preparedness of hospitals and supply them with personal protection equipment.

After a night of questioning and a brief court hearing on April 3 she was fined 1,600 rubles (£17) for violating the rules of lockdown and disobeying police orders.

At the time of writing according to Johns Hopkins University, Russia has confirmed 4,731 cases of coronavirus.

Of this figure, there have been 43 deaths while 333 people have recovered from the virus.

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