WATCH the ‘vulgar’ moment a man spat blood in a police officer’s eye sparking COVID fears | UK | News

THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS CONTENT WHICH MAY BE DISTRESSING: West Midlands Police Force footage captured the moment the man spat blood at PC Annie Napier in Coventry. Following the incident, PC Napier was visibly upset and stated that she was worried about catching the COVID-19 coronavirus as a result of the incident that took place on April 18. The West Midlands force has confirmed that PC Napier did not suffer any illness following the incident. 

Bodycam footage shows PC Napier in tears, saying she was “just scared about corona stuff” following the incident. 

The 41-year-old man pleaded guilty to assault.

During the incident, the man had been placed in handcuffs and arrested at a block of flats.

The man was on bail for assaulting another officer a few weeks earlier.

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Following the assault PC Napier said she was “pleased the force and the courts take these assaults so seriously”.

Superintendent Jenny Skryme stated the incident was “vulgar and unacceptable to spit at anybody, but even more so a key worker who is putting themselves at risk to keep people safe and catch criminals”.

She added: “Our officers are bravely and repeatedly on the front line despite the understandable safety concerns across the country.

“This type of assault on our staff is deplorable and shouldn’t, and won’t, be tolerated.”

Worldwide there have been more than 3,400,000 COVID-19 cases at the time of writing. 

The death toll has reached more than 240,000 at the time of writing.

More than 1,000,000 people have recovered from the coronavirus across the globe.

The United States has the highest amount of COVID-19 cases in the world with more than 1,100,000 confirmed cases.

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