Published On: Fri, Apr 2nd, 2021

What was Michael Jackson & Lisa Marie Presley’s marriage really like? ‘Very much in love’ | Music | Entertainment

While Paris may not have been around when Michael was married to Lisa Marie, she had some interesting insights into whether her father really did love Elvis’ daughter.

Speaking to Rolling Stone in 2017, she said she was ‘sure’ he loved her, realising it after watching them together in a music video.

She said: “In the music video ‘You Are Not Alone,’ I can see how he looked at her, and he was totally whipped.”

Paris was not sure he felt the same about her own mother, suggesting it was Debbie who was ‘in love’ with Michael, and not necessarily the other way round.

Lisa Marie has talked about how she and Michael got together, and it seems she also believed there was true love there, if only for a short time.

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