WHO issues passionate rallying call to nations and labels COVID-19 vaccine a ‘great tool’ | World | News

The World Health Organisation’s Dr Margaret Harris told Sky News that physical distancing, wearing masks and attention to hygiene all need to remain in place alongside the coronavirus vaccine. She added that governments and authorities across the world need to support those who are required to self-isolate during the pandemic.

Dr Margaret Harris said regarding the vaccine: “This is a great tool but that is what it is.

“It is a tool that is going to add to the armoury, it is going to help us fight back better.

“But we have got to keep doing what we have seen has worked in a lot of countries and we have to do it better.

“The physical distancing, the masking, the attention to hygiene but also working out where the virus is.

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“We need to be really tracking and tracing it, if you are found to be infected stay at home.

“Stay the period you are asked to self-isolate and make sure any you have been in contact with is isolated.

She added: “I ask governments and authorities to support everybody in quarantine.”

This week Matt Hancock issued a triumphant claim that everybody in Britain will have a summer they can enjoy following the Pfizer vaccine breakthrough.

“This will take time to roll out, you have got to have those 21 days in between the jabs.

“We have got to get this rolled out at the speed it can be manufactured but I am confident now with the news today that from spring, from Easter onwards things are going to be better.

“We are going to have a summer next year that everybody can enjoy.”

He added: “Between now and then we have got to hold our resolve.”

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