Winds of Winter: Tyrion Lannister to lose his TONGUE in Game of Thrones book 6?

A theory doing the rounds on Reddit picks up on other characters’ threats to do it – and suggests that Book 6 in the series could be when it happens.

In a thread asking for people to recall the “darkest” theories they’ve seen, user bahookery said: “That someone will cut off Tyrion’s tongue. A myriad of characters are constantly threatening to do it, as his mockery is always a source of getting him into trouble. 

“And him losing his tongue fits into the character arcs of the Lannister siblings being stripped from the thing that most defines them.”

They added: “Jaime most prized and defining feature is his fighting ability, so he loses his hand. Cersei uses her beauty and political status to be powerful, then it’s taken away from her in her walk of shame.

“So Tyrion losing his tongue would fit the pattern quite well, and that would be the most brutally cruel thing that could happen to him, since I don’t know if he could bounce back from it like Jaime did in Feast, since Tyrion is a bitter, drunken, miserable p***k at this point in the story.”

As the upvotes came rolling in, user jonnyslippers replied: “I like the theory that Tyrion will have to cut out his tongue because of greyscale… after all, he did swallow the dirty water when Aegon&Co. were attacked by the Stone Men. 

“He checks his fingertips and toes frequently to make sure they still have feeling, but doesn’t really think about how swallowing that water might affect him. 

“Maybe one day as he is talking, his words start slurring, and that’s when he realizes he has to cut his tongue out if he wants to live.”

All dark indeed – and we still don’t know for sure when we’ll find out what actually happens in the next book.

The series, which spawned the TV series Game of Thrones, has been in limbo for some time while author George RR Martin pens the next edition.

He appeared to hint over New Year that 2018 could finally see its release.

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