Woman’s dating advice goes viral after sharing ‘top tips’ to ‘bag you a husband’

Jordana Grace, who lives in Queensland, Australia, but is from Britain, posted a video of herself on TikTok where she read out the best dating tips she had found in a women’s magazine from 1958. The magazine had a feature which listed 129 ways to “bag a husband”. 

Speaking to the camera, Jordana said: “Ladies, I’ve found the handbook to bag you a husband.

“A magazine from 1958 has posted 129 ways to find a husband, here are the top tips.”

The TikTokker continued: “Number 17. Be nice to ugly men because handsome is as handsome does.

“Number 23. Go to all your high school reunions because there could be widowers there.

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“Number 30. Learn to paint and set up an easel outside of an engineering school.

“Number 25. Go back to your home town because a wild boy next door might now be an eligible bachelor.

“Number 33. Carry a hat box. Number 38. Drop a handkerchief. It still works.

“Number 34. Wear a bandaid (plaster) so he can ask what’s wrong.


User @yiki said: “Easel outside of an engineering school is basically how I met my husband. 10/10 recommend.”

However, user @SassyCPA wrote: “Okay, I’ve been doing the last two non-stop for three years. Dudes don’t care.”

User @suzs27 said: “I’ve never had a man approach me if i was crying. They seem to run the other direction.”

Julie Rose commented: “No. 40 doesn’t work, it’s my standard response at any party.”

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