Published On: Wed, Aug 19th, 2020

Yes, God, Yes review: Natalie Dyer resurrects coming of age flick’s wit and humour | Films | Entertainment

Thankfully, it does pick up again before the film is over.

The essence of Alice’s journey becomes the main point of story, leading to a truly satisfying climax by the end of the film.

Yes, God, Yes explores a never-before-seen story with a lot of wit, charm, and humour. While the story does start well, it tapers off into something a little bit less than enjoyable. Thankfully, the film’s final conclusion is extremely satisfying. Natalie Dyer plays Alice exceptionally, and it is nice seeing her break out from her small screen – however she is a little bogged down by some other members of her cast. Yes, God, Yes will certainly gain a cult following as I’m sure it will speak volumes to many people going forward.

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